Locals Guide to Woodinville

The Locals Lockdown Guide to Woodinville

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been wearing masks, social distancing, baking bread, and cleaning out our closets for almost a year now. Winter has made us especially restless after spending more time indoors, so we’ve put together a little COVID-safe itinerary for a day trip or staycation. We hope you will enjoy this local’s lockdown guide to Woodinville.

Step Outside

We suggest starting the day by stepping outside into the fresh air! The Pacific Northwest is famous for wet, woodsy hikes, and Woodinville does not disappoint. Two of our favorite places to hike are the Paradise Valley Conservation Area and Ring Hill Forest Trails. Both provide scenic nature walks and are right here in Woodinville.

Photo courtesy of All Trails

The Paradise Valley Conservation Area Trail is a four-mile loop that features a lake and some pretty incredible plants and wildlife. If you have time, we recommend finding spots to wander around this area as it’s vast and has a lot to offer. If you’d rather explore on wheels, you can ride your bike instead.

In search of something a bit quicker and easier? Check out the Ring Hill Forest Trails. Clocking in at about two miles, this is a dog- and kid-friendly trail that is a perfect candidate for that late morning, early afternoon walk you’ve been craving. If you just want to enjoy the journey of a walk surrounded by nature, but don’t want to break a sweat, this one’s for you. Grab your pup, pack a light lunch (don’t forget a bottle of Baer), and enjoy the great outdoors.


After time spent in the great outdoors, we know you’ll be ready to refuel. Luckily, Woodinville has an array of terrific options for takeout. One of our favorites in town is Heritage Restaurant & Bar. Located in the Hollywood Hill District, this restaurant is offering its menu, as well as family meals, for pickup or delivery. We love that the menu offers something for everyone, featuring locally grown and sourced food. They also have specials and grocery items you can browse to save you time and money.

If it’s a Saturday, you’re in luck, because each week there’s a new food truck parked in the Woodinville Warehouse District! Depending on the date, you’ll get to experience some of Woodinville’s best traveling-food options from Asian Fusion to Southern Comfort Food to Mexican to Vegan and more. Plus, Baer Winery is right around the corner and open from 1-4 pm.

Taste Washington Wine

We’re ending our local’s lockdown guide to Woodinville with the most important information of all… starting Saturday, February 20th we’re re-opening for tastings by reservation Friday – Sunday, 1 pm to 4 pm. We will also continue to offer curbside pickups during tasting hours, as well as Monday-Thursday by appointment. We hope you can stop by and see us!

Woodinville’s Warehouse District is jam-packed with awesome wineries, so after you visit us, take a walk around the neighborhood and see what else is available. We all appreciate your support now more than ever.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this locals guide to Woodinville. We’re always happy to share our favorites with you and hope you have a great time during your visit, even with the current restrictions. Let us know if you take advantage of any of our suggestions on social media, and as always, tag us in your photos while sipping on Baer wines.